Alfredo Borges Garnica, CRC

Alfredo Borges Garnica MD

Dr. Alfredo Borges Garnica, CRC (Clinical Research Coordinator) was born in the city of Valencia Venezuela, graduated with honors as a surgeon at the University of Carabobo. He performed a postgraduate residency in general surgery at the Central University of Venezuela and Oncological Surgery and later became an Oncology Gynecologist at the Miguel Perez Carreno Oncology Institute of the University of Carabobo.

The passion for minimally invasive surgery led him to become a pioneer of gynecological endoscopic surgery in Venezuela.  Then he carried out specialization training at University of Nordeste in Argentina and at MD Anderson in Houston. Currently, Dr. Borges Garnica is a coordinator of clinical trials at WCSC.

University Professor, author of books, chapters and scientific publications, with training in scientific research at John Hopkins University and certified by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Borges Garnica has developed clinical research at CIMBUC and now resides at Women’s Cancer and Surgical Care.

Member of the board for Latin America of the IGCS, He continues to promote the development, training and cooperation in the field of Oncological Gynecology.

Dr. Borges is married to Dr. Marialejandra and father of two beautiful girls; Valeria and Sophia.

“As an oncologist I have seen many situations where patients go through one of the most difficult situations of their life, such as suffering from cancer, and from that experience they get such an immense light.

I have heard stories and advice that motivate the rest to fight and not give up. They become peace, light and calm for many.”  –  Dr. Alfredo Borges Garnica, CRC