Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have an exam?

A physical exam will be necessary to access your overall heath and determine if other health issues will influence your plan of care and course of treatment.

How long will the appointment be?

Usually an hour, however it could be longer or shorter depending on the reason for the appointment.  We want to be sure all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, and you are comfortable with your plan of care.

What do I take to the hospital?

Normally, clothing to go home from the hospital in. The hospital will furnish the traditional hospital gowns. You could bring your own but be prepared they may become soiled and need special laundering when you arrive home. Bedroom slippers and toiletries should be brought from home.

Can I bring my own medication?

No. Medications are dispensed by your nurse.  It is sometimes necessary to change, hold or modify the dosage of your normal medications.  This will be decided by your Physician.

How long will my hospital stay be?

It is dependent on the type and extent of the surgery you have. More extensive surgeries may keep you in the hospital longer than overnight, but usually you are discharged the following day after surgery.  In some out-patient cases you may be discharged to go home the same day after observation.

What medications can I take the day before and the day of my surgery?

That’s a great question. Please be sure to direct this question to your Physician at your appointment. Your medical conditions and medications will be reviewed at that appointment. Your Physician will determine what medications will be safe for you to take.

Why did I receive a Rx for Compazine? Will I need to take it if I don’t have nausea?

The prescription is given for relief of nausea after surgery. Not every surgical patient will experience nausea. It should only be taken if you need relief for post surgery nausea. Please take it as it is prescribed on the label.

Can I see my referring MD for the post op follow up appts?

It is very important to have your post surgery follow up appointments with the physician who performed your surgery.  In some situations your surgeon may release you back into the care of your referring Healthcare provider for continued follow up care.