Fighting Cancer Together

Fighting Cancer Together in New Mexico

You are not alone. Here at Women’s Cancer and Surgical Care we are fighting cancer together! A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming between deciding on treatment, figuring out finances, and dealing with fear and emotional concerns.

Your health care team, friends & loved ones are fighting cancer together with you.


As you begin your cancer journey, think about how you have overcome your difficulties. A trusted loved one or friend may be able to help you do this. You have many strengths and abilities that you can use to deal with cancer. Use your best coping methods in this fight.

Some find it useful to strengthen their ability to cope. This can be with your sense of humor, your spiritual beliefs, or finding a support system. This support system could include us as your health care team, your friends and loved ones, or other cancer survivors.

Hope is the belief that a positive outcome lies ahead. Hope is a way of thinking, feeling and acting. It can help you find ways to live with difficult situations. Even if some things about your future seem difficult, you can choose how you’ll face these challenges. Attitude affects everything.

Hope is being honest with yourself and positive about your future. Hope can help ease overwhelming doubts and fears. Often, beginning to working with your health care team to make treatment choices can help you feel hopeful about your future.