Sometimes, You’ve Got to Put Yourself First

Sometimes, You’ve Got to Put Yourself First

Mother’s spend so much time taking care of others, they regularly forget to take care of themselves. This Mother’s Day we want you to remember… Sometimes, You’ve Got to Put Yourself First.

It may not be surprising, but at Women’s Cancer and Surgical Care we really value the health and happiness of our patients. Many of them are mothers and more than likely they care for others first, then themselves. While we hope everyone is grateful for the love and care they receive from the women in their lives, it is so important that those women do the same for themselves.

Unfortunately, many of the moms we know are battling illness. They often feel guilty because they are having to neglect their usual motherly duties. We can not stress enough how important it is for them to put themselves first during this time. Even if it is a hard thing to do, their recovery may depend upon it.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for all women to start, or reestablish a self care routine. Putting yourself first sometimes is not only “okay”, it is essential. Even if you’re in good health, everyone needs to care for themselves as they would others. Here are a few tips to get you started

The Basics ~ Eating healthy and getting enough physical activity are well known essentials. We would add to this to drink plenty of water, no smoking, and limited alcohol.

The Next Level ~ Keeping your body healthy is obviously important. But what’s not as obvious is the importance of keeping your mind and spirit in shape too. Things like meditation, hobbies, and building relationships all keep the unseen parts of yourself in good shape.

The Specials ~ Every once in a while do something that is just for you. See a movie, get a pedicure, or simply sit in a spot that makes you happy and enjoy.

We hope all the women out there realize that Sometimes, You’ve Got to Put Yourself First.