Sonopet iQ Dr Padilla-Paz

Sonopet iQ Dr Padilla

Dr Padilla-Paz from Women’s Cancer and Surgical Care is always expanding his knowledge to bring the best and latest technology to WCSC. Dr Luis Padilla, a gynecological oncologist in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas partnered with Stryker in the development of the Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator.

A story of persistence

The day started like any other, presenting a new prototype that would greatly improve how surgeons use aspirators to fragment and emulsify soft tissue and bone during complex surgical procedures. Engineers working on the Sonopet iQ were making last minute adjustments before showing Dr. Padilla, the progress of the latest iteration. Just a minute into the demonstration, the prototype stopped working.  Click here to find out what happened next and read further about Dr Padilla and the Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator.

Photo Credit: Stryker

Article by: Stryker